From Management Consultant to Childcare Entrepreneur (Plus Post-shift Replace)


What work were you doing previously?

I was a management consultant for roughly a decade, working for the Boston Consulting Neighborhood (BCG), a main global consultancy.

My purchasers were largely in the retail and particular person items industries, and I labored for one of the well-known well-known supreme retailers each in the US and the UK.

My role as a Valuable used to be to portray purchasers on all aspects of their commerce – from growth solutions to price optimisation – and bettering their internal culture. My work used to be challenge essentially based mostly mostly; typically tasks lasted about a weeks, but extra typically we stayed with a shopper for months, typically years.

On every challenge I managed a crew of very dapper consultants, and labored closely with a dedicated shopper crew. It used to be a handy book a rough-paced working environment, with hundreds mental and implementational challenges.

I was by no methodology bored, and further importantly, I truly cherished the!

What are you doing now?

I am the founder and CEO of myTamarin.

We’re a nanny matchmaker. We match nannies and oldsters (in a identical means to essentially based mostly totally on each purpose and also subjective criteria. The persona match, the parenting style compatibility and identical family values are serious for any safe family-nanny relationship, but typically this portion is neglected. We’re fixing that.

We’re also using AI to enable our matching. We’re grounded in psychology and powered by know-how.

How did you feel to your work forward of you determined to originate the alternate?

I cherished my at BCG.

BCG has been on the tip of the ‘perfect’ charts for years, and it is no shock. The other folks are dapper, dedicated and laborious working, but also — and most importantly — humble and kind.

I also cherished the mental peril of tackling the complications of Fortune 100 companies.

I overlooked being ready to influence the course of a company straight away, though. As a specialist, you’re an advisor, whereas the corporate decides which of your solutions they put into effect, when, and to what extent.

On top of that, the upper companies are very dull to alternate. I typically felt esteem a swimmer, looking for to push a tanker.

Why did you alternate?

I’d continuously well-known to originate and urge my possess commerce, but by no methodology belief I’d possess a correct sufficient conception.

After I realised how broken the childcare market used to be after having my possess kids, I saw a possibility that I straight away knew used to be that trusty conception! And I had solid conception on how lets toughen issues – for the total fogeys, their kids and the nannies.

And so myTamarin used to be born.

When used to be the 2nd you determined to originate the alternate?

It wasn’t a proper 2nd.

It took me about a twelve months – steady through my 2nd maternity leave. It used to be laborious to evaluate to leave because I truly loved my at BCG.

Nonetheless as someone who cannot face up to a correct peril, and as an peril-solver by nature, I couldn’t scoot over the likelihood to repair one thing I could possibly well well note wasn’t working.

How did you judge your recent profession?

The path selected me!

I’d by no methodology planned to work in childcare. Nonetheless when I saw the complications in the market after having my possess kids, I simply couldn’t face up to fixing it.

Childcare is so extremely well-known for society at expansive. Stable childcare permits ladies folks to return to work after they’ve kids, it permits selection in the scheme of labor, and it helps close the gender pay gap.

It be also well-known for the mental properly being of oldsters and children. Parenting is the simplest 24/7 legally allowed to be avoided breaks – no longer true for days, but for years! Attend with kids is no longer a luxurious, it is a long way a necessity. It truly takes a village to consume kids. And, with our busy recent existence, we’ve misplaced that well-liked village. Hence, at myTamarin, we’re helping to originate it.

Are you chuffed with the alternate?


Constructing a commerce from the flooring up is laborious work, but it is also extremely rewarding as we fetch to positively influence the lives of households and nannies on a day after day foundation.

Constructing and running your possess commerce, esteem parenting, is a 24/7 It be the hardest, but the finest thing I’ve ever executed.

What attain you scoot over and what kind no longer you scoot over?

I scoot over the comfort of a authorized income, who wouldn’t?!

How did you scoot about making the shift?

It used to be a lovely long assignment. It took me about a twelve months.

After about a months of compare, I launched an easy check product and got some traction whereas I was serene at my old That confirmed my initial speculation, and made me sure it used to be time for the alternate.

What didn’t scoot properly? What wrong turns did you fetch?

There is a quite about a talk in the marketplace that you just largely want a co-founder or else that you just would possibly possibly also very properly be doomed.

So, I tried to work with about a other folks, but to chop a long legend short, it true didn’t work out. We didn’t part the identical imaginative and prescient, ambitions or dangers we were willing to fetch.

I could possibly well well note that as time wasted, but it used to be truly a correct studying skills. Now I know that I am sooner and a lot extra and loads extra environment well-behaved on my possess (though doubtlessly also extra drained!).

How did you tackle your funds to originate your shift that you just would possibly possibly well presumably deem of?

I was ready to rely on my savings, and I am fortunate that my husband helps the commerce fully.

Genuinely, he’s each the manager angel investor and the manager strategist. He too understands the challenges of childcare out and in.

What used to be the most difficult thing about changing?

Leaving in the support of a extraordinarily safe profession (into which I’d invested greater than a decade of my existence) wasn’t easy.

I was correct at it, and in that implies it used to be a extraordinarily chuffed scheme to be.

What aid did you fetch?

It used to be truly my then (BCG) that helped me the most.

BCG are very supportive of their other folks. I was offered coaching lessons through diverse internal programmes, and so that they helped me detect my correct passions, ambitions and dreams.

After about a twelve months of this plot of discovery, I knew it used to be time to leave.

What sources would you recommend to others?

Talk over with the oldsters that know you properly.

They’re going to relate your eyes sparkling when discuss your correct passions.

What possess you ever learnt in the assignment?

As mighty as it is a long way a cliché, trust your gut.

And also, the simplest means to be taught, grow, and transfer forward is to strive. (And fail.)

What would you portray others to attain in the identical peril?

Existence is no longer long. The most classic trusty time to coach your needs is now.

We caught up with Zarja no longer too long in the past to evaluate how her shift used to be understanding, about a years on. This is what she’s been up to, and the supreme lessons she’s realized.

What’s changed for you to your profession since we first printed your legend?

The quick resolution is: a lot!

We’re proud to possess got into the Techstars London programme (as one of ten companies chosen out of 1250 applicants). Now we possess spent a crazy three months working with Techstars and their mentors who possess equipped a wealth of recommendation and pork up. It be been opportunity and skills that we would possibly possibly well well be ready to arrangement upon for a extraordinarily long time and as our commerce grows.

The closing three months has seen us evolve into the parentcare champion. We talk a lot about childcare, and rightly so, but in the assignment we ignore fogeys. That is why – regardless that we started out with childcare – we possess recent issues in the pipeline that can originate existence extra efficient for fogeys and aid them be the finest they’ll even be. We’re also investing in our nannies.

So, judge this dwelling!

How attain you feel about your work now?

I truly esteem what I am doing.

Constructing myTamarin is laborious work, but it is also extremely rewarding as we fetch to positively influence the lives of oldsters and nannies day after day.

I am serene working 24/7 and prefer I could possibly well well clone myself at events. Nonetheless I’ve began to originate out the crew and that’s the reason spirited. I will’t attain this on my possess, and it is the crew that’s going to originate the commerce safe.

We’re serene a small crew, but we’re quick and nimble. I truly esteem that we are able to ascertain hypotheses and alternate path quick. As a specialist at BCG, I was an advisor, but the corporate eventually determined which of my solutions to put into effect. At myTamarin, we’re totally accountable for our possess destiny.

What challenges possess you ever arrive up in opposition to since making your shift?

Constructing and rising a crew in a launch up-up is arrangement more difficult than in an environment esteem BCG – a longtime designate, with top of the market salaries and a properly-oiled machine.

To fetch other folks on board in a launch up-up environment (on mighty decrease salaries) they prefer to seize into the imaginative and prescient and into me, the founder. So, I am repeatedly selling – to traders, to workers and naturally, to potentialities.

How is the financial side of issues panning out, and is that this what you would possibly possibly anticipated?

It be going truly properly.

Now we had been earning money since day one, so combined with the Innovate UK grant lets bootstrap for the key 18 months.

As we prepare to scale up, we’ve no longer too long in the past raised our first round of investment, with UK- and US-essentially based mostly mostly angels. And we are going to soon be elevating all but again to put money into our spirited initiatives round parentcare.

What possess you ever realized, since making your shift?

Constructing a launch up-up is esteem parenting: it is the most rewarding you ever attain, but it is also the hardest And what’s extra, it is 24/7!

It be a must to be(arrive) very chuffed with failure, disappointment and imperfection. On tale of it is simplest through these that you just would possibly possibly well presumably be taught and toughen. So, purpose to fail continuously and rapid, or you would possibly possibly no longer be studying quick sufficient.

This must apply to any commerce, but the buyer truly is king. It be a must to perceive your potentialities intimately and repeatedly strive to exceed their needs and expectations.

Is there the relaxation you would possibly possibly esteem to part?

Every other folks mistake a launch up-up for a small commerce. It be a extensive mistake.

Exiguous companies are chuffed – launch up-u.s.a.are no longer. And if they are, they’re falling in the support of. Exiguous companies are stable and predictable – launch up-u.s.a.are spirited and typically on a roller coaster. The supreme difference is the ambition and the drive in the support of it – in a launch up-up you would possibly possibly well presumably feel that ambition literally driving you and the commerce forward.

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What lessons would possibly possibly well well you fetch from Zarja’s legend to make consume of to your possess profession alternate? Pronounce us in the comments below.