Glassdoor Mud-Pit: Workers sued for adverse firm experiences


On March 18, 2020   /   Recordsdata   Source: FastCompanyBy Michael GrothausYou’ve left a firm that it’s possible you’ll perhaps also comprise professional grievances towards. As thousands of others have, you scramble to Glassdoor to depart what you watched is an efficient and upright appraisal of your work experiences on the firm. A transient time later, you’re notified that your dilapidated has taken court circulation to out you, claiming your overview breached the firm’s severance agreements.Nonetheless right here is just not any hypothetical nightmare; it’s what no fewer than 10 dilapidated workers of cryptocurrency exchange firm Kraken are facing. As EFF (Electronic Frontier Basis) Workers Criminal professional Aaron Mackey says: This litigation is designed to bother and silence most up-to-date and dilapidated Kraken workers for speaking about their experiences on the firm.Cut’s pick upGlassdoor built a dirt pit. It has prolonged profited from workers who enter the pit and sling mud — nameless adverse firm experiences. Meanwhile, corporations reward HR team for posting counterfeit particular experiences. (Glance moreover: Is unsuitable data being given out at Glassdoor?) Now corporations are conditioning severance packages on no-mud-slinging (non-disparagement) clauses. It became most productive a subject of time till the splatter brought on court cases.What’s your pick up?When they enter the mud pit, does somebody comprise a appropriate to whinge about getting splattered? Fabricate it’s possible you’ll perhaps also comprise a appropriate to put up nameless complaints about your journey with an Does an comprise a appropriate to end you from talking about its reputation — in exchange for a payoff in a severance equipment it gives you?: :


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