From Administration Consultant to Charity Self-discipline Manager


What work maintain been you doing beforehand?

I used to be working as a management guide at Accenture.

This appealing supporting global corporations to rework parts of their alternate. I centered on the right song of and plot enchancment, and the impact of these adjustments on staff.

What are you doing now?

I am now Self-discipline Manager at Motivate Refugees in Calais, France.

My is to make certain that the native grassroots organisations and volunteers that the charity helps are in a position to retain providing food, refuge and other well-known companies and products to encourage meet the elemental needs of migrants and refugees in Northern France.

Why did you switch?

I also can been doing the identical roughly work for eight years.

Even supposing I loved parts of the and used to be progressing as expected, I used to be relatively passive, in a position to be assigned to the next venture that I per chance wouldn’t care very noteworthy about.

I wished to envision up on something completely different, that used to be more meaningful to me, and out of my comfort zone.

When used to be the 2nd you made the selection to make the switch?

I took a four-and-a-half month sabbatical on the high of the year, two years previously.

I also can been focused on a switch for some time however hadn’t made noteworthy development. I used to be busy with work and per chance additionally a slight bit panicked / uncertain about techniques to make it happen. The sabbatical gave me more time to take into legend what I wished.

By the high of it, I knew that it used to be time to envision up on something completely different.

Are you good enough with the switch?


I’ve learned a complete new sector and topic, and learnt plenty about myself in the route of. It has been an explore-opening and enriching journey.

Doing my shrimp bit to treatment a real and advanced global inform is intensely motivating.

What build you omit and what attach now not you omit?

I omit the unlimited discovering out resources, analysis reports, paperwork and events that maintain been accessible to me while working for a gigantic professional companies and products company.

I now realise I indubitably did now not make ample use of them.

I build now not omit working on projects that I attach now not in particular care about, or sitting in conferences that I struggle to use on legend of my coronary heart is now not in it.

How did you scramble about making the shift?

After noteworthy reflection and journalling at some level of my sabbatical, I purchased an email newsletter from Motivate Refugees in the final week of my damage day.

I also can been following the charity for some time. In the newsletter, they maintain been promoting for a in Calais. After I read the role description and requirements, I used to be bowled over to peek that I had the total abilities required and decided to practice.

Even supposing I did now not get cling of the role I on the muse utilized for, they suggested one other role that additionally appealed to me. I made up my tips to resign and scramble for it.

What did now not scramble successfully? What defective turns did you engage?

I indubitably over-notion and delayed the switch for plenty too long, hoping that the next consulting project would be better.

I worn the excuse of being busy at work to lengthen choice making.

I disregarded many application closing dates on legend of I did now not maintain an up as much as now CV and couldn’t face writing a disguise letter.

How did you address your funds to make your shift that you just would possibly per chance be also deem of?

I used to be very lucky now not to maintain any gigantic monetary commitments on the time.

So, I used to be in a position to pass my stuff lend a hand to my parents’ home and pass to Calais, where accommodation and living costs maintain been lined.

What used to be the most hard ingredient about changing?

Realising that I wished a switch and identifying what I wished to build as a substitute.

What encourage did you get cling of?

I am grateful to Accenture for giving me the chance to engage a sabbatical.

It gave me time to deem things through sooner than making the switch.

I am additionally grateful to my parents for letting me pass my stuff lend a hand to theirs (in my thirties).

What resources would you recommend to others?

I read The Artist’s Formula by Julia Cameron at some level of my sabbatical, and maintain been writing every morning ever since.

These morning pages maintain been transformative for me. My desire to change potentialjob.coms saved coming up and I realised I ought to aloof build something about it.

Writing additionally helped with choice-making. When the time got right here to resign, I knew it used to be the upright ingredient to build.

What maintain you ever learnt in the route of?

It is tricky to list every thing I’ve learnt.

I even maintain indubitably learnt relating to the third sector, migration and human rights.

Per chance more surprisingly, the shift has additionally helped me realise and delight in what I also can learnt in my old

I’m hoping I’ve additionally learnt now not to anxiousness too noteworthy about discovering the particular opportunity, to retain an birth tips, and hear to my instincts about what feels upright.

What build you want you are going to carried out in a completely different diagram?

I need I also can made the selection to change sooner.

What would you repeat others to build in the identical anxiousness?

Accurate build it.

Get cling of step one upright now. Close putting off updating that CV.

Preserve an birth tips, attach now not anxiousness too noteworthy about discovering the particular opportunity that doesn’t exist.

Hearken to your instinct and what feels upright.

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