Zuckerberg idea cuts pay for up to 50% of Facebook workers


On Would possibly well per chance per chance 27, 2020   /   Files   Facebook workers receive distant work option-nonetheless it goes to reach with a pay cleaveOffer: arsTECHNICABy Timothy B. Lee“We’re going to be the most ahead-leaning company on distant work at our scale,” Facebook founder and CEO Stamp Zuckerberg presented in a Thursday livestream to workers. “I yell that it’s rather possible that over the following 5 to 10 years, about 50 p.c of our other folks could merely be working remotely.”Some Facebook workers shall be eligible to query distant work build and relocate to one other metropolitan blueprint. They’d quit this to be closer to family or to switch to a metropolis with a lower mark of living. But this selection comes with a grab.“Our protection here has been for years — is already — that [compensation] varies by situation,” Zuckerberg acknowledged. “We pay a market payment, and that varies by situation. We’re going to proceed that precept here.” In utterly different phrases, a Bay Set engineer who chooses to relocate to Omaha or Birmingham would spend a pay cleave.Zuckerberg acknowledged, “we’re going to prefer all and sundry to sing us the build apart you’re working from now.” He added that “we’ll in total alter salary to your situation at that point.”Zuckerberg says that Facebook is “largely going to rely upon the dignity code for this” — nonetheless no longer fully. Facebook will evaluate IP addresses to abet detect of us that lie in regards to the build apart they’re living.“There’ll sadly prefer to be excessive ramifications for fogeys that are no longer pleasant about this,” Zuckerberg acknowledged. One reason dull that, he acknowledged, is that Facebook needs to know the build apart its workers live for tax functions.Cut’s spendScuttle away it to Silicon Valley’s greediest CEO to lift earnings by leveraging COVID-19 to induce up to half his workers to switch out of the Bay Set so he can cleave their salaries. Hey — that’s how I learn it. If about 50% of Zuck’s workers scurry distant, FB will successfully crop up to 50% of its payroll, the employ of what he calls “the dignity code.” Lift out ya yell Zuck sends lower Facebook stock dividends to traders in Greybull, Wyoming on myth of their mark of living is lower than his?Is an engineer that lives in Silicon Valley price less after they switch to Biloxi? How about if they receive potentialjob.comd while living in Altoona? Will maintain to FB workers with pudgy mortgages and Lamborghinis receives a rate extra on myth of their mark of living is greater? Develop you perceive that “offshoring potentialjob.coms” to construct money entails animated them to Texarkana? How would you negotiate your compensation deal while you happen to bought an offer from Facebook? : :


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